Myristin® Capsules

The original formulation by Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) discoverer Harry W. Diehl


A Dietary Supplement for Joint Health

Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) supplements can be found in various dosages from other suppliers; however, Myristin® products from EHP are the only CMO products exclusively made with the original formulation discovered by R&D chemist at the NIH, Harry W. Diehl, PhD. Myristin® is made exclusively in the USA and is gluten-free, non-GMO, and non-allergenic.

As the family company of Harry W. Diehl, PhD., the discoverer of CMO, EHP Products is determined to offer the highest quality CMO products at exceptional pricing. We encourage customers to compare any competing product's price and volume of molecular CMO to Myristin®’s.

Our products are FDA compliant. Meets 21 CFR 101.93 standards.

Myristin® Capsules - An Alternative for Customers with Sensitive Stomachs

Customers who are seeking a cetyl myristoleate (CMO) joint health product but don’t tolerate Softgels, may consider Myristin capsules, which contain 100 mg of CMO per capsule. With a corn starch base, this powder version of Myristin® is better tolerated by customers with sensitive stomachs.

Myristin® Absorption Aids

Those seeking optimal absorption may take EHP Products’ Myrist-Aid capsules along with Myristin®. For an alternative to Myrist-Aid, EHP Products’ Milk Thistle Extract may also aid in the absorption of Myristin®. 

Daily Myristin® Capsule Regimen for Joint Health

Speak with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement.

Take Myristin® Capsules and Myrist-Aid with water, 30-45 minutes before meals.

 Basic Dosage

Myristin® Capsules

Optimum Absorption Dosage

Myristin® Capsules + MyristAid

How much should I order? Initial 3 months regimen

5 Myristin® Capsule 120 count bottles

5 Myristin® Capsule 120 count bottles and 4 Myrist-Aid Capsule 136 count bottles


First 3 Months: Breakfast Take 2 Myristin® Capsules Take 2 Myristin® Capsules and 2 Myrist-Aid Capsules
Lunch Take 2 Myristin® Capsules Take 2 Myristin® Capsules and 3 Myrist-Aid Capsules
Dinner Take 2 Myristin® Capsules Take 2 Myristin® Capsules and 3 Myrist-Aid Capsules
Maintanence Regimen: Breakfast None* Take 2 Myrist-Aid Capsules*
Lunch None* Take 3 Myrist-Aid Capsules*
Dinner None* Take 3 Myrist-Aid Capsules*

*After the initial 3-month period, some choose to take two Myristin® capsules daily, as a maintenance regimen

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