Drug-free joint
relief supplements

  • ✔Nutraceutical alternative to conventional pain relievers
  • ✔Original Cetyl Myristoleate supplement
  • ✔Patented formula since 1977
  • ✔90-day money-back guarantee
Tired of joint pain?

Myristin® is the original Cetyl Myristoleate supplement with the highest concentration for powerful joint pain relief in people, pets, and horses.

Everyday wear on joints, inflammation, and damage from accidents or sports injuries are common causes of joint pain. Myristin® lubricates joints to increase mobility and reduce inflammation with powerful drug-free relief to enjoy life in less pain.

How Myristin® Works
Myristin® is scientifically formulated to ease joint pain

Myristin®'s main ingredient is cetyl myristoleate that gets absorbed into the body to lubricate your joints and increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and manage joint pain.